From The Mouths of Some Of My Clients:

Just got off a call with my wonderful coach, Charlotte Chalkley.

I learned so much about my goals as well as what was holding me back.

When we talk about what is holding us back, we tend to "cheat" as to what really is holding us back. Well, Charlotte didn't allow me to cheat, and I really got to the root of what is in my way.

Also, I got a clear goal for the week to the next 6 months, that I know I can achieve. Sometimes when we are setting our goals, we set the goal so high, it is unachievable. This can set us up for disappointment, and sometimes can derail us.

I feel as though I have a clear path to get to my goals. It now seems so easy and clear, but when we are in the moment, it can seem very unclear.

Thank you so much to Charlotte Chalkley, she really knew how to set things straight for me, and get me on the right path.


Just had an amazing coaching call with Charlotte Chalkley. I was prepared for the call, but to actually hear the things I was saying made me say hmmmm. Wow. This has got to change..

The 3 limiting beliefs I came up with when I thought of them were:

1) I need more time to make money...
2) I have to do it on my own...
3) I rarely complete certain things I begin...

Another question asked was if I made my goal of the monthly amount I said I wanted, what would I do? I thought, whether I do a business or not, I still have to pay those same bills. So they'll get paid, I will be sure to invest what I begin earning back into my business so that I can truly scale up. The bills can get paid just like they already are not, with the job's income.

So glad to have spoken with Ms. Charlotte, and I'm ready to proceed and experience the success I know I'm capable of.


Before I met Charlotte, I moved from opportunity to opportunity. Business to business. Always convincing myself that it was the opportunity that was the problem, when in reality the problem was me.

Charlotte helped me uncover the beliefs I had that were stopping me from doing what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to go. Even though I wanted to succeed with all my might, I realised I had unconsious thoughts that were leading me to self-sabotage my very efforts.

Although I am not there yet, I now know I will get there, because my thoughts and actions are finally those of a successful person. Thank you Charlotte. You gave me back my self-esteem and saved my marriage.


Charlotte has helped me so much, I can't tell you how blown away I've been with her coaching. She has helped me to really look deep inside myself and work with myself, rather than fighting things and beating myself up.

I've been able to change my mindset completely and am coping much better with the day to day challenges of being an entrepreneur, father and partner. I can't recommend Charlotte enough, she's amazing!


Charlotte is absolutely amazing! I will say that this past year has been all about a transformation for me. It started with professional and self-development courses and programs and has progressed to Charlotte's therapies. I don't think I've ever felt more alive and I owe it all to her! She truly has a gift and I have been able to unleash a power within me that I never knew I had! I was able to work with Charlotte from all the way across the WORLD - via video connection and was transformed. Thank you, Charlotte! You are truly one of the best!


Thank you so much Charlotte for the amazing insight you gave me into what has been holding me back for so long - something I wasn't even aware of! The process you took me through is something that I've never really tried before but you made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and I am so grateful. I now have a much better understanding into why some things affect me in the way they do that I'm now much more aware when they arise so that I can clear them quickly - I no longer let them stop me! Thank you so much!!


For years I've lived in fear. Fear of having money, fear of not having money, fear of my bank account, fear of my bank statements, fear of literally EVERYTHING to do with money.

There was so much fear it even affected my ability to earn money in my business, despite that being one of my most important goals for my business.
I had a couple of sessions with Charlotte and she helped me uncover where and when the fear started, the incidents in my life that had a profound in

fluence on what money means to me. Little did I know that random events from my childhood and teenage years could influence so much of my adult life without me even knowing.
Charlotte helped me to walk the path of discovery, confrontation, and knocking down the barriers that I built so many years ago.
There's still some work to do, bit at least I'm not afraid anymore!
Thank you Charlotte for helping me to overcome my fears about money, for helping me to take responsibility, and for helping me to have a normal relationship with money. I can't tell you what a relief it is.........