Charlotte is an internationally-renowned psychologist, therapist and sales coach.  She helps business people and entrepreneurs break free from the self-limiting mindset and repetitive negative actions that keeps them spinning their wheels, allowing them to flow freely to success and freedom.


This is her story…


When I was 12 my mum died and my world turned upside down…

Through my trauma and my grief, I created the belief that I had to fight to survive, and from then on, for every second of every day, that was what I did.

One day I woke up and thought to myself,

“There must be more to life than this.”

That moment was the start of the rest of my life.

I became determined to change my life, to live the fullest and richest life possible. That decision led to my joining the army, where they calmed me down and gave me a sense of humour. 😊

I also discovered that I was pretty good at stuff. I was the top student and became the first woman to be posted to the parachute regiment.  However, I soon realised that the army was too restrictive for my free spirit, so I decided to move on to new adventures.

From there, I spent a year in Australia on a working visa. There, I found an amazing counsellor and spent a year working on myself.

I came back from that a totally different person, and was filled with an excitement to show other adolescents that life did not have to be so hard or horrible.  I went to university and studied Psychology and Criminology and began working part time with the Youth Service.

After I graduated, I went straight into a professional diploma in analytical psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Personal experience had made me fall in love with hypnotherapy, hence my decision to go that route.

My personal development continued for many years as I delved deeper and deeper into my psyche and really understanding myself and who I was.  Also, I wanted to understand the mind and people, hence the continuation of my studying.

I dived into spiritual healing, working with guides and also with plant medicine and discovered that the unique blend of these skills allowed me to work deeper and faster with people and to facilitate them in having bigger breakthroughs.

Now I help people to let go of their trauma and to embrace a beautiful future by holding them and facilitating them through either 1-on-1 sessions or through plant medicine supported ceremony.