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Charlotte is an internationally recognised trainer in analytical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, and sales.

With over 20 years experience as a therapist and 6 years of having her own sales academy, Charlotte helps people to not only become great therapists with great client bases, but also to find success within their business.

She offers you everything you need to live a fulfilled and limitless life...

This Is Her Story…

After I graduated, I went straight into a professional diploma in analytical psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Personal experience had made me fall in love with hypnotherapy, hence my decision to go that route.

My personal development continued for many years as I delved deeper and deeper into my psyche and really understanding myself and who I was. Also, I wanted to understand the mind and people, hence the continuation of my studying.

I dove into spiritual healing, working with guides and also with plant medicine and discovered that the unique blend of these skills allowed me to work deeper and faster with people and to facilitate them in having bigger breakthroughs.

In 2017 I was asked by several clients if I could teach them hypnotherapy. At first I said no; I was sure I just wanted to be a therapist working with people myself. Then something changed, I did a self development course which really started to get me thinking big. I realised my full potential and created a lofty dream for myself, "To create a realm for all mankind to discover who they are and their purpose." 

At the time, I  was invited by my trainer to learn how to teach hypnotherapy. (To this day I am still amazed how when you are on the right path things just fall into place. Coincidences happen more often and life rolls forward with very little effort or resistance!) 

Anyway, back to the story, I took her up on her offer and did the training and whilst I was doing the training I had more people asking me if I would teach them, so before I had even finished the training I had a big handful of people committed to working with me. From there, the business grew organically. 

At the same time I started training people in sales and those people started having hypnotherapy to help them get through the blocks they came up against within their profession. Of course this meant big breakthroughs for them and then their own desire to become therapists, which they did! 

The business continued to grow to a point where I didn't have enough time for both sales coaching and hypno training. I realised the sales had to go to allow me to focus on what I was really passionate about - the hypnotherapy. 

Ever since I have been focused on training people and helping them to build their client base as a therapist by bringing in the sales skills to ensure not only are they unique and powerful therapists, but also that they have the confidence and skills to build their business so not only their clients can enjoy life but that they can too!

What they say about me


I have a seen a major turn around in both my online businesses and personal life with Charlotte's coaching. I highly recommend her services to anyone that struggles with internal blocks to success! Tyvm Charlotte Chalkley!

Dawn Wilkie


Charlotte has helped me so much, I can't tell you how blown away I've been with her therapy. She has helped me to really look deep inside myself and work with myself, rather than fighting things and beating myself up.

Fraser Thom


Top coach and inspirational human being

Nick East


Charlotte is absolutely amazing! I will say that this past year has been all about a transformation for me. It started with professional and self-development courses and programs and has progressed to Charlotte's therapies.

Kristy Currie Venechanos

I'm Are here to guide you.

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